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Artificial Grass Guide

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Why Artificial Grass Absorbs Shock?


What makes artificial turf outstanding is the shocking absorption performance. However, do you know how does it work? The shock-absorption includes two parts: the shock absorption underlayment and the infill. Let us have a fair idea of these two.

The shock-absorption underlayment

As well as the surfaces of artificial turf feels and plays firm, it delivers the best safety rating and parallels well-conditioned natural grass. In athletic field industry, impact testing measures the shock-attenuation performance of the playing surface. It is marked by G-Max ratings. The higher the G-Max is, the poorer the shock-attenuation performance of the surface and the greater the possibility of injury. To avoid the numbers and severity of injuries, Top Joy had invented a type of XPE shock pad for artificial turf with the lower G-Max rating. The shock pad has put into use in the US and European for many years. It is also reused when a new artificial turf system is installed.

The infill

Top Joy artificial grass is very particular about the material, shape and size of the infill. We use the pure SBR rubber granules on the artificial turf. Silica sand is uniformly-sized and rounded. Thus it isn’t harm to users and fibers. Silica sand paved in the bottom; SBR crumble rubber on the surface preventing compaction that leads to hardening of the surface system. Rubber and sand mixture provides the perfect balance of shock absorption and uniformity. This mixture is also economical compared to alternative infill. We also achieve the ideal proportion of sand and crumble rubber keeping fibers upright.

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