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Artificial Grass Guide

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What’s the Requirement of Eco-friendly Artificial Grass?


Although artificial grass market is developing rapidly, we can’t guarantee all of the products are qualified. What we need is excellent quality eco-friendly artificial turf so that we can leave a healthy life. Actually, it’s not difficult to distinguish between environmentally friendly synthetic grass and non-environmentally friendly synthetic turf.

Firstly, from artificial turf fibers we can determine whether it’s environmentally friendly or not. Environmentally friendly artificial grass fiber is made of excellent quality olefin polymer which doesn’t contain any heavy metal and other harmful materials. Thus the quality of artificial grass can be controlled well. The artificial grass will not irritate the skin and it will not harm the environmental.

While non- environmentally friendly artificial grass is made of unknown or unqualified recycled materials. The resources of recycled materials are generally more complex or contain lots of different additives. These additives are easy to bring out chemical recreation or crack after several processed resulting in harmful material to human body and the environment.

Second, the backing cloth is one of factors for the determination of artificial turf environmental protection. Currently, large-scale backing cloth factory have relevant qualification certification. The quality is more reliable, basically, no environmental problems. While materials produced by some non-regular manufacturers cannot be guaranteed.

There are three kinds of gums used for artificial turf, styrene-butadiene latex, polyurethane, styrene-butadiene latex and polyurethane mixture. Under normal circumstances, as long as use polyurethane correctly, it will not generate harmful material. Thus polyurethane can be applied in the production of environmentally friendly artificial grass.

Styrene-butadiene latex is the result of butadiene, styrene polymerization. To meet the standard the reaction process is in sophisticated reactor. Environmentally friendly SBR latex is not only qualified but also the ideal selection to environmental artificial grass.       

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