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Artificial Grass Guide

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What should be done before Installing Artificial Grass?


In the design phase, several factors such as drainage, soil condition, irrigation in the artificial turf installation area should be first considered.

Firstly, is the existing drainage system enough after the installation of fake grass? Do we need to add or modify drains?

Secondly, for the trees and plants remained, should irrigation be done first? Confirm all irrigation lines, electrical conduit, etc. below ground won’t be damaged during the installation.

Thirdly, Rain soaked soil needs to dry several days before the installation begins. Large rocks needs to be removed.

Besides, additional measures like installing rodent wire may be required to prevent damage from rodents. You may also need to secure the whole area to protect the artificial turf if there is a dog nearby that could cause damage to the grass. Install the border before measuring the installation area, which ensures that you get a more accurate measurement before cutting of the artificial grass.

Finally, remember to measure the area carefully and install all sections in the same direction to reduce seams. All synthetic grass has a direction which must be taken into consideration and artificial grass installed in opposing patterns may lead to obvious seams.

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