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Sports Flooring Guide

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What is PP Interlocking Tile?


PP Interlocking Tile is also called combined sports floor, is the fourth generation of floor surface materials.

They can be paved on the surface of cement or asphalt based directly, no need to be bonded, and between

each piece of floor with unique locking connection and installation is very simple, also can be optionally


PP Interlocking Tile is made of the mature of high strength polypropylene environmental protection material,

which not only solve the problem of thermal expansion and contraction,but also has a stable friction on its

surface. Moreover, anti-UV is added to every floor to protect the floor from being fade in the long-term exposure

to sunlight. The design of suspension with solid reinforced structure, create an  excellent vertical damping effect,

non slip surface can effectively prevent sports from injury. So it has become one of the most popular floor used

for paving the ideal high performance basketball, tennis, football, skating stadium and volleyball, badminton etc. due

to the ability of good rebound performance .


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