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Sports Flooring Guide

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What is Portable Dancing Flooring



Portable Dancing Flooring is a new design for parties and events, which combined the convenience of interlocking flooring and the diversity of PVC flooring.


Just like other interlocking tiles, Dancing flooring has the same advantage like No Tool, Modular system, No screws and so on. Besides, they have more advantage:


1, No calm locks. More easy to install and will save you 60% of time.

2, ABS material. Not only environment, but also has a better impact performance than PP.


3, Colorful. There is only one color in one tile for normal solo flooring. But for Potable Dancing Flooring, it is easy to get whatever you want. For example, the bouncing flooring can give your wedding that classic finishing touch where your guests can gambol the night away, or turn any disco, party or office bash into a boogie down extravaganza.


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