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Artificial Grass Guide

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What is non in filled artificial grass?


We called the artificial grass without any sand or rubber granule to infill as Non infill artificial grass. The Non-infill artificial grass always has short pile height, narrow gauge and high stitch rate.

Features of non-infill football grass:

Wear Resistance

The higher Dtex and density make the grass have the best performance on durability. The lab test has shown that there is no splitting even after 12000 cycles.

Fast Installation

The installation is quicker because of no rubber needed. It will be easy to handle for any urgent project.
East to Maintenance

No need to top up with rubber and sweep any more. Just spray and brush every now and then. So the maintenance will be lower.

Non-infill football grass is widely used for commercial, residential, football court. Especially for below area:

1. Severe Slopes.

2. Playing area with kids or pets.

3. Swimming pool around

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