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Artificial Grass Guide

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What Is No-infill Artificial Grass Football Court?


What is no-infill artificial grass football court? Just as its name implies, it is an artificial turf that doesn’t need rubber granules and sand but can still be the pavement of football court. Without rubber particles and sand, no fill football artificial grass can still meet the sports requirements, thus the raw material of the synthetic grass and the manufacture process must be high standard.

Generally, the pile height of football artificial turf is about 40mm-50mm, one of the commonest pile height is 50mm which must be filled with sand and rubber particles. The function of sand and rubber particles in the bottom is to keep the blades straight. Adding the laying rubber particles, the hardness of the artificial grass is moderate meeting the corresponding sports requirements. Artificial turf with excellent rubber granules possesses high flexibility and anti-impact capability. The performance is very close to natural grass reducing the damage to athletes and the performance is very close to natural grass.

In other words, if a certain football grass with moderate thickness, flexibility and being straight can take place of sand and rubber particles. No infill football artificial turf is born out of this reason. On the other hand, some people do not like playing football on the artificial turf filled with rubber particles and sand. During the fiery run, the small particles may get into shoes or may be eaten into mouth accidently.

Pavement of no infill artificial turf is quite simple, and can put into usage directly after opening and installation. It is applied both indoor and outdoor sports fields. What worth to mentioning is that the maintenance is simper and you don’t have the trouble to deal with the overflow particles.

As new football artificial grass, it is the future industry development trend representing the most advanced technology. From current point of view, the prices of products are higher than general artificial turf limited by the cost of raw material. However, it eliminates the cost of fillings and labor costs. Overall, it’s a reasonable choice. 

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