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  • UV Resistant Rubber Playground Flooring
  • UV Resistant Rubber Playground Flooring
  • UV Resistant Rubber Playground Flooring
  • UV Resistant Rubber Playground Flooring
  • The name :

    UV Resistant Rubber Playground Flooring

  • Product Description
  • Product line: Rubber Flooring
    Material: High Density Rubber Granules
    Roll Width*Length:1.0m~1.25m * 10m~30m
    Thickness: 8-50mm
    Weight: 13-14kgs/SQM
    Surface: Track Embossing
    Colors:Red,Blue,Grey,Yellow,Green and more
    Place of Origin:Shanghai, China (Mainland)
    Application :International Sports Stadiums,Training

  • Model : R-RN1004
  • Color

Rubber playground flooring are incredibly durable, UV resistant and frost-proof. They are extended lasting, standing up to numerous a long time of abuse and enjoy. It is not easily broken, maintaining its condition no make a difference how challenging little ones are on it. Their sturdiness would make them a intelligent money choice as effectively since they will not require to be replaced typically.

Product line Rubber Flooring  
Material High Density Rubber Granules

Roll Width*Length

1.0m~1.25m * 10m~30m



Weight 13-14kgs/SQM
Surface Track Embossing


Red,Blue,Grey,Yellow,Green and more



Place of Origin

Shanghai, China (Mainland)


International Sports Stadiums,Training


project index
surface drying time(h) ≤ 4
Hard drying time(h) ≤24
Hardness(pencil hardness) ≥H
Water resistance(24h) No change
Oil resistance(machine oil, gasoline, light oil) 24h Non change
alkali resistance (5% NaOH, 24h) No change
acid resistance(5% H2SO4, 24h) No change
stretching resistance/ Mpa ≥7
bonding strength/ Mpa ≥1
Stain resistance (grade) 1( little chromatism)
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