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Artificial Grass Guide

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TopJoy interlocking artificial grass tiles


TopJoy interlocking artificial grass tiles offer a quick and easy way to floor any indoor&outdoor activity arena. These tiles are durable enough and easy to install. The interlocking artificial grass tiles can be easily removed after different activities and stored for later use. Our Turf Tiles are backed by a 2 year warranty. 

Recommended Uses - Interlocking artificial grass tiles are recommended for indoor &outdoor use and have been used successfully in both different activities. These tiles have been used for: Concert, music festival, outdoor wedding, indoor soccer fields,  sports training, agility training, endurance training,  and much more.

Interlocking artificial grass tiles are very easy to clean and maintain. Maintenance for these interlocking tiles typically includes the following:

1. Periodic sweeping of loose dirt, dust, and debris may be necessary to keep the flooring surface clean.

2. For stains and blemishes, clean the tiles with a warm water solution of household detergent and water. Never use bleach.

3. For animal urine, use a mixture of white distilled vinegar in an equal amount of water. Make sure to flush thoroughly and vacuum any excess solution.

4. For chewing gum, the use of dry ice or refrigerant packets may be necessary to remove gum from flooring surface.

5. If your turf tiles become matted, brushing of the surface may be needed to restore the aesthetic appearance of the Turf. Always use a synthetic brush and never a metal or wire bristled brush when performing this task.
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