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Artificial Grass Guide

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Top Joy Synthetic Grass Advantages


Artificial grass has been applied for sports field for dozens of years. With the development of science and technology and sports, artificial grass which is made of PE material, PP material, anti-ultraviolet anti-aging amine material and other additives offers a ideal sports venues for professional or amateurs. Synthetic grass is not only available for tennis courts, football courts but also pavement material for track, baseball field, rugby pitch, swimming pool surroundings and leisure venues. It is a multi-purpose sports venues laying materials.

All weather usability, breathability, drainage, absorption of noise, multi-purpose and other physical and chemical properties make Top Joy fake grass outstanding in Chinese artificial grass industry. Top Joy artificial grass has adopted a number of modern science and technology. The fake grass tensile, strength, firmness, flexibility, abrasion resistance, anti-aging, color fastness and other aspects have achieve a relatively high level.

Preeminent safety performance. The use of medicine and kinematics principles so that the athletes’ ligaments, muscles and joints gain protected. When the athletes fall, the friction and impact of the collision reduced greatly. The service life of artificial sports turf is more than 10 years. The white fake grass as function lines belong to environmental friendly products without any harmful material.  

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