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Artificial Grass Guide

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Top Joy Sports Turf


Utilizing a “safety first” engineering approach, Top Joy sports turf is a high quality synthetic turf solution ideal for playgrounds, football, rugby, baseball fields, etc.

Advantages of Artificial Grass

1. Cost-effective.

The cost of maintaining a soccer field with synthetic turf is much lower than natural grass. Natural grass needs to be transplanted, trimmed and watered, while artificial grass has a life span of approximately 5-8 years and needs almost no maintenance.

2. Durable, resistant to cold and hot temperature.

The impact resistant polyethylene material can withstand extreme temperature, allowing long hours of play under any weather conditions all year round.

3. High play quality.

The whole synthetic turf has the same pile height and texture, which ensures more fluent ball roll and more consistent player performance. And compared with natural grass, artificial turf requires no recovery time during consecutive events. Therefore, artificial grass is the perfect solution for the frequent use filed.

4. All-weather property.

Artificial grass is ideal for wet areas or rainy seasons of the year. Because rainfall has no effect on the artificial grass while natural turf field turns to mud and may require replanting after heavy rain.

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