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TOP-JOY Artificial Grass Slow Down The California Drought Conditions, Keep And Add More Green


Four consecutive years of continuous drought, no rain, California sank into the state of water shortage. Dry conditions are still looming.

In California, drought depleted topsoil moisture reserves from three years ago. Now government provides that if the residents use water to clean sidewalks, driveways or excessive watering the lawn will be fined $ 500. So lawn watering is a very luxury thing. But Americans who love nature are unable to let go of green.

Then, is there an alternative to green lawn?

Last year, one of our US customers, has taken our artificial grass to Los Angeles, United States. He Putted artificial grass in their own garden and the neighbor's garden.

“It not only works well without watering, but also can protect the dirt that exposed to the sun's because of drought, so that prevent the dust float in the sky.” said to our customer.

Obviously, artificial grass has become a popular solution for many families in dry regions. People now install synthetic grass no matter where they live in the state and how many areas turf need.

TOP-JOY artificial grass, through a special UV treatment, can long-term exposure to outdoor sunlight. In drought season, without watering, save a lot of the water. At the same time, artificial grass covers the ground surface, also can protect the surface soil weathering. In rain season, many drain holes in the base back timely drainage to removing grass surface water. So it is suitable for any weather and season, do not need special maintenance.

TOP-JOY artificial grass,help you keep and add more greens.

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