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Rubber Flooring Guide

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The Performance Of Prefabricated Rubber Running Track


Production technology: Combined with exercise science and material science, using prefabrication technology;

Safety: Prefabricated rubber running track unique surface concave lines and nest designed backing provide good shock absorption and energy system, it’s very beneficial to improve athletic performance;

Environmental protection: Prefabricated rubber running track gets rid of toxic and harmful substances in the materials, really take care of athletics ' physical and mental health;

Excellent durability: Competitive price, it can maximize the investment return for the owner;

Various colors: No dazzling color combinations, adding the beauty of sports;

Fair competition: Prefabricated rubber running track ensures ground system uniformity for every athlete in the game;

Easy installation: With our special adhesive, it can be installed by low labor cost;

No maintenance: No rubber threshing after long time use.

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