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Sports Flooring Guide

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The Maintenance About PVC Flooring


After the PVC flooring was installed, you also need to make a series of maintenance to keep its bright appearance and prolong the service time.


1. For the high traffic areas, you should shorten the maintenance period. At the same time, increase the frequency of high strength wax.


2. Avoid strong light of direct illuminate, to prevent the floor appears discoloration, fading


3. Keep the surface of floor dry in time, after cleaning with water.


4. Remove all of ground stains promptly.


5. Absolutely forbidden to use hard, rough, clean appliance (steel wire ball, microfiber cloth, etc.) to prevent the floor surface from being hurt by sharp objects.


If your floor stained with simple smear, just clean them by your rag. Remember that NEVER use sharp tools, so as not to scratch the floor; At the same time, after wiping stains, rinsing by water, and sucking up floors in time.


But when you meet some special stains, the conventional methods will not work as usual, So you need to use special cleaning methods.


Ink, Coffee, Fruit juice, Rust

Diluted with neutral detergent stains, then rinse with clean water.


Oil pollution

Local oil, pour water removal agent concentrate directly on the towel to wipe; Large areas of oil, put the Water removal agent diluted by 1 : 10, then clean with the brushing machine.


Gum, Chewing gum

Pour directly with professional strength removal glue on the towel to wipe


Oil, Asphalt

Wipe with alcohol before it become dry.


Paint, Glue, Nail polish

Simply clear up at first, use alcohol to soften them, then it will be easy to clear.



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