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Artificial Grass Guide

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The Basic Premise for Artificial Turf Quality Assurance


When we talk about artificial turf quality standard, we mean that under the certain circumstance, the artificial turf quality is qualified or not qualified. The basic criteria cover artificial grass installation, material of artificial turf and maintenance of artificial turf. All in all, it’s necessary to take all things into account to ensure high quality of the artificial grass.

Keep in mind that artificial turf installation must be complete by a professional team which not only provides high quality artificial grass but also ensure the construction quality well.

Secondly, artificial grass fields should be maintained in accordance with the corresponding requirement and in a proper way. Under normal circumstance, artificial grass installation should choose the places where is less than 1500 meters above sea level, or less than 5000 feet area. 

In order to ensure the completion, we can’t use mechanical equipments or chemicals to process artificial grass surface. That is because excessive use of chemicals may cause damage of artificial grass. Then we should reduce the use frequency to improve the durability of artificial grass.

Normally, artificial lawn use time is recommended less than 4 hours daily. From the perspective of wellness, it is not recommended to play on artificial grass when the outdoor temperature is below -5 ℃ or above 40 ℃.

On the premise of using filling material, the material selection is critical. Sulphur content must be less than 2%; the filling should also meet the requirements of relevant standards.



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