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Sports Flooring Guide

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The advantage of PP Interlocking Tile.


1, All-weather floor: Perfect design of expansion and contraction, can adapt to the climate conditions around the

world; The design on the surface from drainage and sand for outdoor products,make it possible to use immediately after the rain.

2, Green environmental protection:Adopt green environmental materials polypropylene (food grade security), no smell, no heavy metal components, non volatile ingredients, moisture and waterproof, non breeding bacteria, renewable recycling.

3, Color is gorgeous: A variety of colors to choose, customers can be personalized according to their requirements.

4, Safe and comfortable: Suitable design for friction resistance, so that the floor will not be too astringent or

slippery;Suspension structure provides an excellent suction effect, which can effectively reduce the damage in the

movement process.

5, Quick installation: Whether the new venue or the old site, one can quickly complete the installation of a piece of

ground with the condition of ground level.

6, Low cost maintenance: Only need to wash with water at ordinary times; Cracks or gaps will not appear on its surface

in the warranty period, even if the local damage, just replace the bad floor, do not affect the use of others.

7, Long service life: General 8~10 years, some can be more than 15 years. this is two times more than PU plastic .



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