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Artificial Grass Guide

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Synthetic Grass Application in Wedding


Romantic outdoor weddings are popular over the world. People who attend the wedding can enjoy the sunshine to the fully and bath in breeze.

Sanya is tourism centre that deserves the title. It’s also an ideal site for tourists and weddings every year.

Daniela is the head of a famous hotel which is located at the seaside in Sanya. With more and more people choosing their hotel for weddings, he determines to install artificial turf in the wedding location from Top Joy. Total 500 square meters was covered. What more, a wedding ceremony is planned after the installation completed.

“People were very excited about the uniform and lush green artificial grass. The natural grass look and soft feel have left a deep impression to the audiences,” said Daniela. There are also other advantages for artificial turf for nuptials.

Low maintenance

The area covered with artificial turf will not to maintain consistently. Nearby the coastline, natural grass is hard to cultivate for much salt in the soil. It still remains as fresh as summer even when the rest of the grass is dry in the harsh winter. No need irrigation, trimming and insect removal. Maintenance costs are less than 5% of natural grass. Irrigation for natural lawns is almost one-third of total water use. Switching to synthetic grass, the water bills drop off.

Endures heavy foot traffic

Usually, there are numerous people attend the wedding. There are also interesting procedures during the wedding. That means the artificial grass must endure heavy foot traffic. Then when it rains, the bare ground will quickly turn to muddy which can frustrated the audiences. With synthetic grass, there is no need to worry about bare ground. The artificial turf possesses high durability and wears resistance.

Top Joy is the ideal landscaping solution for your outdoor living spaces all year round.







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