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Artificial Grass Guide

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Some Commonly Asked Questions About Artificial Grass


Question 1: How much does artificial grass cost?

There are different varieties of artificial grass that are designed for different budget levels. The specifications of artificial grass will influence price, such as pile height , density, etc. In addition, another important consideration in determining your cost is the size of your lawn. The small size garden means less quantity and lower cost.
Contact one of the team at TopJoy to request a free quote based on the dimensions of your garden and the types of artificial grasses you’d like to consider. 

Question 2: How long does artificial grass can be used?

The answer to this question varies as Artificial grass, like normal grass, will last a differing amount of time based on the usage. At the minimum, artificial turf will last at least five years and perhaps as long as a decade. Heavy usage, like playing football or other sports everyday, the artificial grass's use life is less than landscaping artificial grass. 
By the way, If your artificial grass is damaged, then it can be repaired or replaced section by section.

Question 3: How do you clean artificial grass?

General cleaning, such as sweeping away debris and leaves, should be done as required and can be accomplished with a broom or soft rake. If you need to disinfect your kids artificial lawn, because of any animal droppings , then you can quickly and easily clean it with a solution of warm water and any household detergent, such as dishwashing soap.

Question 4: What is the best artificial grass?

This is another question that has different answers, because the best artificial grass for your neighbor may not be the best grass for you. Each person defines ‘best’ in a different way. There are different options based on how much money you want to invest, the amount of wear and usage you anticipate on your artificial turf, or the size and scope of the lawn you want installed.
The best way to find the ideal lawn for you is to contact our team of artificial turf experts. 
Find Out More About Artificial Turf , please contact TopJoy today.

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