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Several Tips About How To Clean Your Interlocking Tiles


Today, interlocking tiles have been widely used in People's Daily life. However, a lot of people feel very embarrassed when it comes to its clean, especially the tape left after removing.

Let us Top-Joy teach you a few tips about how to clean the floor.


1. Acetone or baking soda, use your Hair Dryer for a short time, tear it from the tiles after becoming soft, and then dipped in baking soda water with a piece of dry cloth to clean. By this method, you only need less cleaner and can remove residual gum completely, which is better than asperse essence.


2. With a paper towel touch a few alcohols (industrial alcohol is the best choice. Others you can use medical as well), and then scrubbing it until it become clean.


Solvent used in these two methods. At the same time, they are also the best.


3. Nail polish remover. Usages are just the same with alcohol and acetone, and the effect is also very good. It does not matter if the quality of nail polish remover is the best , as long as it can remove nail polish.


4. Hand cream. You need to torn off the appearance of the printing products at first. Then squeeze your hand cream on the surface, at the same time, use your thumb rubbing slowly. So you can put the sticky glue down. Compared with the solvent, it will take a little more time. Hand cream belong to fat class material, its nature are incompatible with glues. Based on this characteristic, we can remove the glue.


The material for article 3 and 4 are easy to find. They can both remove the residual gum, but maybe slowly than before.


5. Banana oil. This is a one of industrial cleaner. Banana oil is also very convenient to buy and just like using alcohol. But you need to keep it away from children, because it smell like banana but can not drink


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