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Artificial Grass Guide

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Several Core Performances About Artificial Turf


Rebound Performance

The impact force applied to certain sites in the surface of artificial turf, after the impact, the values of surface deformation indicate its performance back to power.

Generally speaking, the artificial grass with good Rebound performance are suitable for running, sports, and more effectively prevent athletes from being hurt.


Wear-resisting performance

By using the test equipment rolling back and forth on the artificial grass samples to simulate the normal use. Because athletes always wear nail sneakers when they taking exercise.

After reaching a certain period of time, inspecting them and evaluating the wear and tear on the lawn. Artificial grass with good wear-performance are more durable and have longer service life.


Anti-aging performance
Under the condition of set temperature and humidity environment, using Omri machine to simulate normal solar ultraviolet radiation lawns(artificial climate). Setting the time and observing , measure the color change and related physical properties of artificial turf.

Under normal weather conditions, artificial turf of strong anti-aging performance is not easy to fade, not easy to become fragile, so the ground with artificial turf are more durable, more stable, little grass seedlings, and longer service life.

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