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Artificial Grass Guide

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Influence of Artificial Turf Friction and Fill Depth on Football


After gaining further insight into this problem, we find that the dissimilarity between artificial grass and natural grass is property aspect; such as friction force. Test have improved artificial turf friction differs from real grass’.

Football court, for example, the natural grass in football court has a lower friction. Thus football rolls faster and a longer distance in the natural grass. Football rolling on artificial grass is different. The blades of artificial grass belong to chemical fiber; friction force of chemical fiber is relatively great. So the football rolling speed is lower and rolling distance is relatively shorter. 

Due to the relatively great friction of synthetic grass, athletes are forced to consume more energy at the same time, the same training intensity. Therefore, athletes fatigues easily which negatively effects execution of tactics. According to the above, athletes who train on artificial compete on artificial grass as much as possible. Otherwise, there will be a bad influence on football tactics execution.     

It is not only chemical fibers that make a greater friction of artificial turf. Greater friction is an integrated result of effect of chemical fiber, rubber particles and silica sand. Fill depth of silica sand and rubber granules is determined by the height of synthetic turf and the site purposes.

As for the sports with large impact strength, can choose the artificial turf with higher blades and the deeper fill. Take common football artificial grass as an example, appropriate depth is that fill is 5mm far away from blades tip. The height of artificial grass blades may be proper low and the depth of fill may increase appropriately for the sports which has special requirement in flatness and uniformity. In special circumstances, the depth of fill is even as tall as the blades.  

That is to say, fill types and depths determine football rebound and football court surface hardness. 

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