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Sports Flooring Guide

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How To Use Your PVC Floor Correctly


Although our sports flooring has excellent quality and performance, but you still need to fellow the correct maintenance in order to play its greatest effect.  Whatever materials used in the manufacturing process, only in accordance with the following basic maintenance rules can you obtain a good results.

1. Do not use the seat cushion with rubber backing, black rubber will be hard to wipe in the floor surface.

2. Keep sharp or hard objects away from scratching the floor surface.

3. Covered with a layer of isolation pads at the door and the entrance(without rubber backing), to prevent contamination of sediment into the floor.

4. Smoking is not allowed, prevent cigarette butts, electric heating and other high-temperature glue contacting the floor.

5. Iodine and other trace grunge ink should immediately wipe, at the same time, clean with a mild detergent in case its become difficult to remove.

6. Don’t t use super multipurpose detergent, in order to avoid discoloration.

7. The material of furniture support switch to use PVC or polyurethane.(do not use the rubber support foot and wheel)..

8. Do not use solvent-based wax, sealants, polishes or varnish, especially those containing acetone and other solvents of PVC.

9. Do not use acids, alkali, solvents and other corrosive water.

10. Maintenance the ground after 72 hours, and non flooding or rinse the floor.

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