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Sports Flooring Guide

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How to Test The Quality of Sports Interlocking Tiles?


There are so many good memories for our childhoods when they in kindergarten, just like the slides, merry-go-round,

blocks... We can say that kindergarten is their happy heaven. They can not only help our children stay healthy and happy

childhood, but also learn how to share with other friends.

Have you still remembered the hard floor in your old kindergartens? How many times these lovely children get injured and

you want to protect them from being hurt? Now we have a new design tiles for children, which can protect them better

when are running and playing.

Why this kind of tiles can protect children better?

Environmental protection.  PP is a kind of environmental material, which has been acknowledged around the world.

Non-slip.  More water, more astringent, especially suitable for children’s activity space, which means that they are not easy

to fall down.

Waterproof.  You can use wet mop directly and they can be used normally once the tiles are qualified installed. Due to

children's physical development is not yet mature, so they may urinate on the floor at anytime, no more than the tiles are

suitable for the floor of this kind of situation.

Fire-resistant  An essential factor of building materials.

Safety  Interlocking tile is an elastic ground material, which will play an active role in protecting children from being hurt.

Decrease noise – This floor have certain effect on absorbing noise, so it can decrease the noise and make the kindergarten

full of joy.

Interest – Colorful print layer can be used on floors, which make the kindergarten funny and interesting. That just what

children’s like.

It is our target to let our children’s physical, intellectual and mood development with healthy, And we are sure interlocking tiles

will absolutely help us achieve our goal.



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