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How To Maintain The Interlocking Tiles In Winter?


Hi, dear friend, winter is coming, some cities even begun to use heating. But do you do the best way to

maintain you Interlock Plastic Tiles in winter?


If these tiles are used in winter, you must pay attention to heating the flooring step by step. When  the

tiles are installed, surface temperature should be maintained at around 18 ℃. And in the first three days

after the installation is complete, we must continue to maintain this temperature. You can heating the floor

according to your need after 3 days, but no more than 5 ℃ each day.


The first time you use the heating, you’d better keep the water temperature about 20 ℃, and the next day is

25 ℃, the third day is 30℃, From the fourth day, you can use it in normal, which means the water temperature

can up to 45 ℃, and the surface temperature will be 28 ℃ ~30 ℃. Do not heat up too fast, if you do, these plastic

tiles may occur due to expansion cracks distortions. When the heating system is used again after a long time, you

need to heat them just like the first time you use.


One thing we need to point out: General speaking, surface temperature should not be more than 28 ℃, which mean

the water temperature cannot exceed 45 ℃. In fact, the most comfortable temperature is 22-25℃, if you stay the

temperature under a reasonable range, that will be good for your healthy as well as your tiles. 

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