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Artificial Grass Guide

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How To Fill Sprinkle Black Rubber In Artificial Turf?


The thickness of black rubber has a big influence on the using effect of the football field. If the black rubber filling spread too
thick, the athletes will feel soft that running and jumping skills such action play out, or even get injury. But if they are filled
too thin, or no black particles, athletes’ muscles were more likely to get damaged, and when the athletes fall down with big
movement, the skin will get hurt.
Black rubber can be filled after sprinkling the quartz sand. Recheck the condition of the sprout and sand, then trim the place
where is not flat. Since the beginning of the venue side of the sideline, to the other side to fill the rubber,after sprinkle over,
change direction perpendicular to the direction of the first pass, the second time to fill the rubber. Use a bamboo rake to
make sure the grass upright while sprinking the rubber, so that the black particles uniformly fill in the grass seedlings. In the
end, grass seedlings exposed about 1 ~ 1.2cm.  

As for the equipment, machinery is better than labour work because of the good effect and uniform thickness.

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