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Sports Flooring Guide

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How To Choose The Best Floor?


The first step to decorate your new house is install you floor. In another words, the floors you choose will determine your decorate successful or not. Because the floors you choose represent the master’s taste and style of an outfit. But how to choose floors?  Let us introduce how to choose and live a comfortable and safe life. Here is the advice from our Top-Joy.



The effects are different between single and integral floors when they are installed. In order to see the last effect, you can put more tiles together. General speaking, color is the primary factor to be consideration. Floors with deep color represent the strong performance and personality characteristics. However, The light color is always contact with fresh and elegant. In recent years, the demand of some special needs, such as tree section, bug, decayed, crack texture floor, is increased, which is a reflection of people attaches great importance to the nature.

There is big difference when you choose different tree species as the floor, especially for it’s price. Don't be misled by some non-standard floor, just choose the floor made of real wood floor with color plate and material stable . Check the moisture content of wooden floor. Moisture content is too high or too low, it will occurs springing, corrugated and swell-shrink deformation condition because of the temperature change. Good floor moisture content is up to standard, which can prolong the service life.

To choose the size of the wooden floor, gist is appropriate short should not be long, narrow should not be wide. If you are using the floor heating, then you’d better choose the thin wooden floor.At last, Put several floors together, check the thick seam. From observation and touch to check whether the quality is fine.

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