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  • High Elasticity Rubber Flooring Mats
  • High Elasticity Rubber Flooring Mats
  • High Elasticity Rubber Flooring Mats
  • High Elasticity Rubber Flooring Mats
  • The name :

    High Elasticity Rubber Flooring Mats

  • Product Description
  • Product line: Rubber Flooring
    Material: High Density Rubber Granules
    Roll Width*Length:1.0m~1.25m * 10m~30m
    Thickness: 8-50mm
    Weight: 13-14kgs/SQM
    Surface: Track Embossing
    Colors:Red,Blue,Grey,Yellow,Green and more
    Place of Origin:Shanghai, China (Mainland)
    Application :International Sports Stadiums,Training

  • Model : R-RN2003
  • Color

The best-known advantage to rubber flooring is its elasticity which means that dropped objects bounce back and may not break. This same quality also means that dents and cuts in the floor practically self-repair as the material bounces back into place.

Product line Rubber Flooring  
Material High Density Rubber Granules

Roll Width*Length

1.0m~1.25m * 10m~30m



Weight 13-14kgs/SQM
Surface Track Embossing


Red,Blue,Grey,Yellow,Green and more



Place of Origin

Shanghai, China (Mainland)


International Sports Stadiums,Training

project index
surface drying time(h) ≤ 4
Hard drying time(h) ≤24
Hardness(pencil hardness) ≥H
Water resistance(24h) No change
Oil resistance(machine oil, gasoline, light oil) 24h Non change
alkali resistance (5% NaOH, 24h) No change
acid resistance(5% H2SO4, 24h) No change
stretching resistance/ Mpa ≥7
bonding strength/ Mpa ≥1
Stain resistance (grade) 1( little chromatism)
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