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Golf Court and Sport Artificial Grass

You are very fond of golf, but there is not enough natural broad lawn, or even if there is, but it takes a lot of manpower and material resources, time to care and maintenance, and also worried about natural disasters.

So, please choose our TOP-JOY Golf Grass here, highly imitative, including each area of golf course , back tee, collar, fairway, the greens, fast green,rough court, glass lunker, apron, putting green, fringe, and so on. 

Different grass yarn, different pile height, give you a different feeling of ball rolling. TOP-JOY grass applies to all weather, no pruning and fertilization, watering maintenance, do not worry about pests and other natural disasters.  You can use TOP-JOY golf grass all year round as bent grass.
When it comes to the performance of artificial golf grass, no one is more professional than TOP-JOY. TOP-JOY artificial golf grass is designed to act like a real golf court, installed to strict specifications, and provide you with real golf improvement.

For example, after installing the putting green in your office or backyard, you will feel perfect beneath the highest quality synthetic bent grass. The yarn is made from PE or PP monofilament, yarn shape is curved, yarn pile height usually is from 10mm to 15mm. When 15mm, 5500 Dtex, 3/16 Inch, 280 stitches/m, 58800 turfs/SQM; when 10mm, 4400 Dtex, 5/32 Inch 320 stitches/m, 68000 turfs/SQM. All date is for a natural appearance and quality natural greens.

Whether you are using approach cleek with two-piece-ball, or getting albtross with three-piece-ball, TOP-JOY golf artificial grass is consistent performance and true ball roll characteristics.

We’re committed to giving golf enthusiasts the options they need to enjoy the game even more and improve exponentially.