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Artificial Grass Guide

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Difficulties and Solutions of Artificial Grass Installation on The Wall


With the increasingly popular of artificial grass, artificial grass installation on the wall is becoming common. Compared to football artificial grass installation, this work is much more difficult. The thorny point is the wall fixing problem.

At present, most width of artificial grass  is 4 meters. However, the height of wall is about 3-4 meters; some wall even lower. In order to save time, this artificial grass needs to be cut into several pieces before installation.

Secondly, the weight of per square meter artificial grass is about 2 kilos. It’s too heavy to glue artificial grass in the wall. Although this is a harsh job, there are many users choosing artificial grass to decorate the wall. It’s obviously there are advantages.

As for installation, tools and materials must be prepared firstly including long ruler, wallpaper knife, artificial turf special glue, brush, rubber hammer, joist frame, drill, nail, etc.,

Before installation, clean the wall keeping the surface dry and no moisture. Then fasten the joist frame to the wall. The method is to keep the joist frame close to the wall and make marks on places where need driving nails. Then drill on the places.

Next, cut the artificial lawn into the desired size with a utility knife according to the height of the wall. Fix the artificial grass on the joist frame with nails. At last, brush glue on the corner of artificial grass in case of cracking. The time of airing the glue should be controlled. Commonly, 10-30 minutes the glue can reach eighty or ninety percent dry. Bond the artificial grass on the wall. Remember don’t remove the bonded artificial grass.

After a certain period of airing and testing, artificial turf wall installation is basically completed. As the support part, joist frame is the key session to make sure artificial grass more solid in the wall. 

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