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Sports Flooring Guide

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Detection And Treatment Before PVC Floor Construction


1. Use the thermometer to measure the temperature, the advisable temperature for indoor and surface is 15 ℃. Make sure the temperature not below 5 ℃ and not above 30 ℃. The relative humidity of the air to construction should between 20% to 75%.


2. Moisture content tester were used to detect the percentage of moisture in the grassroots, Its moisture content should be less than 4%.


3. The strength of the grassroots should not less than the strength of concrete C20, Hardness tester is used to inspect at the grass-roots level of the surface, its hardness should not less than 1.2 MPA.


4. In the range of 2 meters, grass-roots flatness should be controlled less than 5 mm.


5. Check the grass-roots level surface with a small steel hammers, to see if there is a visual basic level surface crack, if there is, you need to repair it by stainless steel reinforced and adhesive, quartz sand on its surface.


The floor must meet the above requirements, and then you can take the next step of construction.


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