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Chinese New Year


The Chinese New Year, also called the Spring Festival, is the most important holiday for ethnic Chinese people all around the world. You may want to ask, why Chinese has another New Year? Isn’t it supposed to be 1st January of every year? In fact, This is a way, a long, long time ago, the Chinese people used to calculate the date. It is not based on changes of the sun, but the moon, And according to the activities of the moon, the arrangement of agricultural production.


The Chinese New Year is celebrated for fifteen days. Usually at the beginning of this lunar (moon) calendar, and ends with Lantern Festival(or the Yuanxiao). 

During Chinese New Year, all of Chinese people Chinese people wear new red clothes to visit their relatives. The older and married people give the younger ones red paper packets called hongbao in Mandarin. This packet has money inside it. It is believed to bring luck.


Even though the time is different, but just like other festivals, it representative the good wishes in the heart of people.


At last, we Top-Joy wish you good health and good luck in the new year.

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