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Basketball Court and PP Interlocking Tile

Basketball sport originated from USA. Today, sport floor is more and more diversified, more and more varieties. In addition to the classic maple wood plank, also PVC sport flooring and PP sport interlocking tile, rubber sport flooring. In the standard basketball court, it is a rectangular shape, marked with various 5mm lines. Court length is 28 meters, court width is 15 meters.

There are many strict standard requirements for basketball floor, non-slip, impact resistance, stain resistance, abrasion resistance, sound-absorbing, environmental protection. Most important is mitigating the impact of athlete’s joint and improving move speed.

TOP-JOY PP interlocking tile is an innovative and original basketball floor.

PP interlocking tile, is very flexible although looks like a solid brick. Meanwhile, it meets basketball floor requirements: rolling load is more than 1500N, shock absorption is more than 54%, coefficient of sliding friction is less than 0.5, Ball rebound is more than 96%, roughness index is less than 0.05, load-carrying capacity is more than 36000 pounds/pieces.

Installing TOP-JOY basketball PP interlocking tile is very interesting. You can click different colors or symmetric patterns together like a jigsaw puzzle, without other tools like glue. There are mainly three surfaces for our tile, flat surface (only used in indoor), triangle surface and grid surface. For outdoor basketball court, is usually triangle surface and grid surface. Thanks to its hollow design (triangle surface and grid surface), water is drained away under the playing surface, making it ready to use at any time.

To athletes, a safe, comfortable, professional and clean stadium can wake up their sports desire. TOP-JOY can do it!