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 Badminton Court and PVC Flooring

Badminton is a popular sport for all people.The Badminton court is rectangular shape, marked with various 4mm width lines. Court length is 13.4 meters, court width for doubles game is 6.10 meters and for singles play is 5.18 meters. Net height is 1.55 meters.

There are three materials of badminton court flooring in TOP-JOY, PVC sport flooring, PP interlocking tile, rubber flooring. Whether using any material of flooring,  you must ensure that the athletes in the game do not feel too slippery or too sticky, and it has a degree of resilience.

PVC sport flooring is the most suitable floor that is international general. Because not only its non-slip properties and impact resistance are better than other flooring, but also its stain resistance and abrasion resistance (50%), sound-absorbing (reduce 25db / 28db), environmental protection are unmatched by other floor. It can mitigate  the impact of athlete’s joint, improve move speed to achieve better results. Maintenance is extremely simple with water and mop.

TOP-JOY PVC sports flooring is the best choice for middle and top grade badminton court. The roll width is 15 meters, roll length is 15 meters. Thickness of badminton PVC flooring is around 3.5mm-4.5mm and wear thickness is 1.2mm or 1.5mm. Surface pattern usually is wooden, litch, and leather. In a badminton court, PVC flooring total length*width is 15m*7.1m, and total area is 106.5SQM.

 Indoor badminton courts, has high demand for lighting. TOP-JOY badminton PVC flooring surface through special treatment, can be in accordance with the lamp brightness, will not absorb light and reflective dazzling, can better protect the athlete's eyes and not easily get tired. Outdoor badminton flooring has more function--waterproof and waterproof.

 TOP-JOY will continue to make innovation, improve product quality and perfect the services, for the purpose of establishing TOP-JOY as a first-rate international brand.