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Artificial Grass Guide

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Artificial Turf Testing of Resilience, Wear resistance and Aging Resistance


How to judge the quality of the artificial turf? Obviously, we can’t take the quality personally. Here are several indicators to test the quality. Let us start from resilience, wear resistance and aging resistance.

When artificial turf surface suffers certain impact force, then a degree of deformation happens due to the impact strength. This deformation presents artificial turf resilience. Comparatively speaking, artificial grass with good resilience is more suitable for running, exercising which prevents athletes from being injured if they fall off. In addition, the better the resilience is, the closer the closer the feeling of natural grass and the better the quality is.  

Artificial grass wear resistance is directly connected with DTEX; thus DTEX is one of the important indexes. Simulate artificial grass daily use by relative testing equipment with nails and sticks rolling on the artificial grass samples. After certain time period, then assess the wear property. Artificial grass with better wear resistance, the service life span is longer.

Then, we test aging resistance of synthetic turf. Commonly, anti aging additives are added into the raw material during the production process. Anti aging additives are also important parts of artificial turf. Then question is how to test artificial grass anti aging resistance? Under the particular temperature and humidity circumstances, simulate the conditions that the ultraviolet rays radiate synthetic grass. After reaching the time we have set, observe and test color and physical property changes.

Under common circumstances, artificial turf with strong anti aging resistance is difficult to discolor and become delicate. In other words, artificial grass with strong anti aging resistance is durable and stable with long life span.

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