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Artificial Grass Guide

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Sep 17

What should be done before Installing Artificial Grass?

Before installing artificial grass, drainage system, soil condition, irrigation should be considered first, additional measures should be taken to prevent damage from rodents and dogs. Measure the area carefully and install in the same direction to reduce seams.

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Sep 10

Some Commonly Asked Questions About Artificial Grass

How much does artificial grass cost? How long does it can be used? How do I clean it? Find out the answers to the most commonly asked questions about synthetic grass here.

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Sep 03

Why choose Artificial Grass?

We have supplied artificial grass in thickness from 6mm to 50mm, to many homeowners and commercial entities.

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Aug 27

Advantages of Using Artificial Grass for Play Areas

Artificial Grass is anti-faded and also because of its wear-resistance, and children can frequently running. Furthermore, you do not need to mow, water and fertilize, which save your cost.

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Aug 27

Artificial Grass for Temporary Use

Artificial grass is used widely nowadays, commercial or residential, indoor or outdoor areas. As there are so many kinds of artificial grass, people is easy to find the one suit for their application.

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Aug 21

Artificial turf Athletics Tracks and Surfaces

Artificial turf athletics tracks and other surfaces such as long jump pits are a popular addition to schools, sports and leisure centre and they can all be provide by TopJoy with the most suitable artificial grass turf.

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Aug 13

5-a-Side Football Pitch

Five-a-side football is a variation of association football, in which each team fields five players (four outfield players and a goalkeeper). Other differences from football include a smaller pitch, smaller goals, a reduced game duration.

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Aug 07

Artificial Grass for Kids Room

Using an artificial grass rug in your kids room is a great idea of using nature inspired elements to give the feeling of being outdoors. That is a way to get a playroom colorful and fun, while still keeping the design simple.

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Jul 27

Some Suggestions Of Artificial Grass's Maintenance

There’s no doubt you are feeling quite proud of your artificial garden and look forward to using it or showing it off. While regular maintenance is the best way to keep your garden looking fresh, we have some additional recommended tips to ensure you get the most out of your artificial grass.

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Jul 23

Karting Racing Project In Mexico

Our karting project in Mexico has been finished in last two weeks. The blue color artificial grass looks like a river around the Karting track. The player are personally on the scene.

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