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  • Artificial Grass Court PP Joint Cloth Seaming Tape
  • The name :

    Artificial Grass Court PP Joint Cloth Seaming Tape

  • Product Description
  • Product Line:PP Joint Cloth Seaming Tape
    Material: PP
    Width: 30cm
    Length: 500m or Customized
    Color: Black

  • Model : A-101
  • Color

TOP-JOY artificial grass comes in rolls (roll width is 4 m or 2 m, length is 25m or customized), So when installing artificial grass, you may need to join several pieces of artificial grass together with special artificial grass  glue and PP seaming tape (PP joint cloth)to match you area. TOP-JOY seaming tape is easy spreading with hand trowel. Secure weather resistant bond. High initial grab. Good temperature resistance.

Product line PP Joint Cloth Seaming Tape
Material PP



Length 500m or Customized
Installing 1.Trim artficial grass to fit area.
2.Trimming edge of grass prior to applyt the glue.
3.Jointing tape in place.
4.Apply glue to tape.
Characteristic 1.simple operation,
2.the good helper of the artificial grass.
3.brushing,infilling at the same time


1.Seam tape for artificial grass
2.PP or PE material
3.Easy to use.
4.Good quality with reasonable price



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