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Artificial Grass Guide

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Feb 07

Artificial Grass VS Natural Grass

Natural grass; when comes to rain, it becomes muddy. While the climate is dry, it becomes dusty. Because of the grass death, the worse is the topsoil bare.

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Feb 07

Artificial Turf for Football Court

More and more football court adopted artificial turf. Which type synthetic turf is suited for football court? And what’s the specification of football court?

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Feb 03

Artificial Turf Production Materials

Artificial turf production materials and selection of artificial turf production materials are generally two:Polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE).

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Jan 19

Buy Artificial Grass Online

If you’re interested in saving money and reducing the time and resources needed to maintain your landscaping, you should buy artificial grass online.

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Jan 16

The Structure of Infill Artificial Grass

Sports artificial grass can be divided into 2 categories as infill football artificial turf and no-infill football synthetic grass. Football grass pile height is 35-65mm, usually filled with a combination of sand or rubber granules.

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Jan 10

Five Factors to Affect Chromatic Aberration of Artificial Grass

Commonly, chromatic aberration produced has many reasons, such as yarn material is not up to standard, equipment technology and production technology is not up to standard.

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Jan 04

How Many Types Backing of Artificial Grass

Do you know the backing's types of artificial grass? Do you know the advantages of different backings? Do you want to know more details of artificial grass? Now let’s see it together.

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Dec 29

The Perfect Artificial Grass for Pets

There are many owners to appreciate artificial grass for pets, which is one of reasons why it is popular all around the world. Why choose the artificial grass for pets?

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Dec 22

What is the application of artificial grass?

The artificial grass is widely used in many areas, such as football court, tennis court, landscaping field etc. Now, let's see it together.

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Dec 06

The Difference Between Football Artificial Grass And Football Natural Grass

I am sure you have ever seen the natural football grass. However, have you seen the football artificial grass? Do you know the differences between football artificial grass and natural football grass?

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