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Artificial Grass Guide

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May 11

How to Finish an Artificial Turf Project Successfully?

Before the construction of artificial turf project, professional construction unit will measure the site in detail to make sure this project is 100 percent foolproof. The whole project work can be divided into three parts

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May 05

Two Functions of Artificial Turf in Landscaping

It is common that artificial turf as garnish is used in garden design to suited to the construction, roads, terrain and shrubs.

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Apr 18

Controversial Safety Issue of SBR Rubber Granules for Artificial grass

The safety of artificial grass has caused fierce controversy among people, especially about the infill of rubber granules. However a number of studies proved that recycled rubber granules used in sports artificial turf do not harm to players and workers.

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Apr 12

Aspects Should Be Noticed in Artificial Grass Bonding

First of all, gelatinize. Brush glue on the edges of two grass carpet by using special glue applicator. The thickness and high uniformity of the glue must be guaranteed. Moreover it also can’t glue repeatedly. Otherwise, there will be bubble phenomenon.

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Apr 05

Why Choose Synthetic Grass for Football Court

Is it difficult and time-consuming to get a durable artificial turf football courts? The answer is definitely not. Moreover, if you handle it in the right way, you may discover that getting a synthetic grass football court

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Mar 16

Composition of artificial turf

According to the materials, it can be divided into PP, PE and PA. PP is polypropylene, PA for imported nylon and PE is polyethylene.

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Mar 06

Why Artificial Turf Is Waterproof

The raw material used to manufacture artificial turf is PP, PE or PA which are waterproof even when soaked in large amount of water.

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Feb 15

Top-Joy Artificial Grass for Dogs

Do you want to provide a safe and comfortable environment for your dog, which can offer plenty of room to play, exercise? TOP-JOY artificial lawn will be the favorite for dogs.

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Feb 14

New Application of Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is designed for sports like football, tennis, basketball courts etc.

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Feb 10

How To Distinguish Artificial Grass ?

At present, due to the cost of fiber production and process differences caused by the fundamental differences in the quality of artificial grass, level of artificial turf and quality differences are relatively large.

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